Construction Highlights

Peek into the hidden construction details and perks of a Kambujaya house.

Black and white image with concrete slabs and beams together with skylight glass highlighted in orange.

Attention to detail is one of the fundamental assets that we at Kambujaya pride ourselves in.

We believe that by taking into account all the little things (that may otherwise have been easily dismissed by many) — we can make a huge difference in the quality and living experience of each Kambujaya home.

For Kambujaya Residences, we intend to spare no expense in order to achieve the highest level of construction quality possible. Although hidden from plain sight, below are some of the techniques used by our construction team to achieve a long lasting and clean-looking home.

Hidden details

Wire mesh at joints of bricks and concrete beams/columns

This feature provides continuous connection between the masonry and the concrete structure to help mitigate wall cracks typically caused by the slightest movements (such as thermal fluctuations within walls).

Plastic corner beads

These are placed at the edges of windows or door openings to prevent chipped corners (which are bound to happen unintentionally).

Solid bricks as wall lintels

These act as additional stabilizers to the hollow brick masonry of our super expansive walls. From the bottom to the top of each wall, a horizontal line of solid bricks is placed at every 1m length to ensure the wall's rigidity.

Stiffener & concrete lintel

A typical opening in a masonry wall would only require a horizontal lintel beam to support the compressing weight of the bricks. For additional reinforcement and a crack-resistant design, we added a pair of vertical supports called “stiffeners” to each opening, allowing them to have concrete framings on all sides.

Flushed design throughout the house

Pre-planned design paves the way for a seamless and continuous interior with no random PVC boxes intrusively sticking out. To achieve this, all cables, wires and pipes are cleverly embedded into the walls and false ceilings in advance while wall skirtings and structural columns are intentionally made to appear flush to the walls.

Enhancing living quality

From the start, we've always placed a heavy emphasis on the enhancement of living conditions through clever usage of naturally available resources. Thanks in part to the expansiveness of each Kambujaya home, we are able to utilize Cambodia's perpetual sunlight and apply air ventilation techniques to the house design. Each home at Kambujaya Residences is designed to feature plentiful openings that strategically allow ample natural light and airflow to circulate freely — even in the most unlikely of all corners. Materials such as glass blocks are meticulously considered to help preserve privacy while also allowing the penetration of healthy natural light.

With a unique design like Kambujaya Residences, we took the unconventional route and made additional calculations and customizations to a typical linkhouse building structure— ensuring that each house’s structural integrity would not be sacrificed. Due to the novelty of each home's large width (6m for Type L and 5m for Type M), our engineering team designed larger columns (400x200mm – 300x200mm) and larger beams (400x200mm – 350x200mm) to help support the load bearing slabs (up to 130mm thick) of each of our 3-storey units. Furthermore, to maintain that flush aesthetic in the interior, columns had been adjusted to blend seamlessly into the walls.

Included amenities

Moving into a new home can be quite an intimidating and a stressful experience. That is why we have developed a pre-planned strategy to make sure that moving into one of our beloved Kambujaya Residences would be as hassle-free and as simple as ever.

For instance, our kitchens come equipped with high-quality modern appliances that are ready to be used upon move-in. Along with necessity items such as a sink, stove, and kitchen hood — an instant water heaters are provided for quick access to hot water. Not only is this feature practical for your day-to-day cooking/dishwashing but it’s also convenient for those hot water showers!

Our pre-planned strategy also extends to our pre-installed piping and electrical systems that are designed to vanish seamlessly into our walls. Among these MEP systems are air-con piping, internet access points (CAT6 ethernet) for each room, and fiber optic routing in the house (pre-installed to easily connect to whichever internet company of your choice). Usually these systems are installed post-construction by the homeowner — completely defeating the purpose of attaining a clean and uncluttered interior.

We’ve combined practicality and aesthetics into our house design. For example, we’ve incorporated a side wall into the front facade of each house to cleverly hide the air-con CDU units and also provided water hose outlets in each balcony — convenient for watering plants.

The functional backyard of each home has a dedicated area where you will find a laundry and a fully-functional outdoor wet kitchen. This means that this spacious quarter not only provides an idyllic escape from the sun during the day, but it is also a perfect spot to host fun family activities – such as a family BBQ under the shade of our mature native mango trees.