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Aerial image of the Kambujaya Residences project facade under construction.

Kambujaya is open to collaborating with landowners, investors, creatives and industry professionals that share the same values for building a better Cambodia.


A Collaborative Effort

We are not the typical developers you are familiar with. We do things a little bit differently. Our development model seeks to collaborate with partners such as investors or landowners who share the same passion, vision, and values for creating a better future for Cambodia. We seek to collaborate with the best creative consultants and industry professionals to provide better living and lifestyle solutions for the local Cambodian market. Below is a breakdown of each step of the process:


Project Generation

Great projects start with great ideas. This initial process is perhaps the most fun and exciting part of your journey with Kambujaya.

It begins with a general feasibility analysis on the land or opportunity. We can discuss some ideas and toss out some concepts together. The thrill of creating unique and thoughtfully-designed spaces will excite.and inspire us. All ideas are worth exploring! At Kambujaya, we value any efforts to experiment and challenge the conventional approaches to residential, recreational, and commercial development in Cambodia.

Illustration of a site walkthrough.
Site Walkthrough
Top down illustration of a brainstorming session with staff.
Brainstorming Ideas
Illustration of a tablet being held.
Comprehensive Assessment
Illustration of the internal staff strategy meeting.
Planning & Consultations
Illustration of a staff working on the desktop.
Detailed Drawings
Illustration of an accounting document next to a calculator and office supplies.
Budget Assessment
Illustration of contract signing.
Partnership Agreement


Project Development

With a clear general direction and concept in mind, it is now time to get down to the nitty-gritty.

This step involves heavy strategic planning and rigorous evaluation on all aspects such as feasibility, marketability, legality of the opportunity; as well as other factors that will impact the project development.

Not only will these essential analyses help our team of architects, engineers, and consultants define the design and the detailing of your project, but it will also help us draft up a concise financial projection that can help you better understand the potential revenues and costs associated with the project.

Once all the arrangements have been contractually agreed upon by all involved parties, the project implementation such as construction, branding, and marketing begins shortly thereafter.


Project Management

For your project's execution, we take it upon ourselves to oversee all the necessary steps. In essence, following the finalization of the design, this next step mainly revolves around the painstaking labor of construction management.

You will be introduced to our very own in-house project management team who will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the project operations (accounting, procurement, marketing, etc.) and site construction (structural, MEP & finishing work).

Quality, timing, and budget are the three utmost important factors that will be taken into account. And although you may never need to get your hands dirty, the Kambujaya team will make sure you are always looped in on all the latest progress and decision-makings through frequent reports and follow-up meetings.

Illustration of a site supervisor onsite.
Construction Management
Illustration of supplier and contractor shaking hands with construction materials at the background.
Supply Arrangement
Illustration of a site supervisor inspecting a site.
Quality Control
Illustration of a construction staff meeting.
Progress Reportings
Illustration with color swatch book, pamphlet, and a hand generating the Kambujaya logo on a piece of paper.
Branding & Identity
Illustration of flat lay of marketing collaterals: brochure, mobile phone with website & tablet with website.
Marketing Collaterals
Illustration of a sales event.
Sales Events


Brand & Marketing Solutions

Our branding and marketing service begins at the start of the project inception and ends when all project milestones have been reached. Kambujaya believes in the power of first impressions; and therefore, strives to offer best-in-class branding and marketing solutions for your project.

The development of the project branding should coincide with the “Project Generation” stage to ensure consistency between the image of the brand and the project itself. After the brand aesthetics, symbolism, and communication channels have all been carefully picked out, we will then start on laying out our marketing/sales tactics. This includes the development of your website, social media and sales campaigns, as well as the design of your sales materials.

To help propel your brand, we have built a talented team grounded in the principles of progressiveness and flexibility. Our approach to marketing can be described as simple yet effective: providing sleek and minimal presentation in a concise​, informative, and approachable manner.