At Kambujaya, we believe design and architecture are powerful tools to uplift our daily lives.

Each Kambujaya project is a result of deep understanding and introspection. When designing our buildings, we took cues from our culture, and context. We observed the current architectural landscape to see what’s been done before, what has or hasn’t been considered, and where we can go from here.

Our ultimate goal is to enrich the lives of those living in a Kambujaya home because we recognize the influence that beautiful spaces have on people’s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. It matters to us that our homes are not just numbers on a street, but a sanctuary of space. This understanding informs our design philosophy which we apply to every Kambujaya project.


Building Beyond

We aspire to be a nationally recognized and industry leading real estate developer introducing unique living and lifestyle solutions to accomodate for the growing modern Cambodian middle-class families. Our goal is to create considered and thoughtfully-designed spaces across all our future projects that contribute to the community in which our spaces are built.

Image of facade in good even lighting.


Living in a Kambujaya home is like residing in a beautiful and peaceful inner-city oasis with an emphasis on thoughtfully-designed contemporary architecture. We believe that a home is place where you are allowed to switch off, connect, and breathe deeply in connection with nature. Whether it's a weekend home, collection of linkhouses or a gated community (borey) masterplan, it matters to us that our projects are not just a number on a street, but a livable sanctuary of space.


We intend to create public spaces with a welcoming atmosphere where it offers an opportunity to allow people to escape from the city and spend time by themselves, or with friends and family. Ideally, it would be a place where the atmosphere is uniquely built with greenery incorporated into the design—offering visitors the chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Image of a picnic bench at the Kambujaya Residences mockup house backyard.
Image of a body of water surrounded various plants.


A place to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with the mind. A place for reflection and healing. We look to create an environment where health and wellness is embraced by all. There lies an opportunity to be nestled within layered garden environment of canopy trees and lush ground plants. We intend to unite aspiring growers, thoughtful cooks, and eaters of all ages a chance to experience a life in agriculture.


With a forward-looking vision to urban sophistication, we look to offer uniquely expansive and connected spaces where culture and commerce meet. Our design-led approach reimagines retail environments with sense of personality and inclusivity without compromising contemporary thinking, ensuring a chance to feature the best in arts & design, craftsmanship, and quality.

Image of a view of the courtyard taken from the kitchen island with coffee equipment in the foreground.